Attending A Photography Conference – ClickCon 2019

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Let’s go back to early summer of 2019. A friend that I met in a photography workshop about off camera lighting asked if I was attending ClickCon in Chicago. I was not familiar with ClickCon. I consulted with Google, found the ClickCon website and almost immediately registered for what would become the first ever photography conference I have attended.

You may note that I said Chicago. I live in Cleveland. ClickCon’s offerings were so good I decided on the spot I was going to travel to attend.

ClickCon combines educational seminars, hands-on workshops and a robust trade show and it was all photography, photography, photography with some videography mixed in, too. What really appealed to me was that I would able to gain some first-hand knowledge of genres I had never had an opportunity to work in: wedding photography, boudoir photography, fashion photography and so on.

Most of the attendees took thousands upon thousands of photos with the dozens of models that were constantly available. I was more reserved about taking photographs. I was more focused on “taking it all in” and did more note-taking that shutter-clicking. I also made a much-needed camera equipment purchase: a lovely Manfrotto tripod that has great improved the quality of my photography life.

Attending a photography conference is a great way for photographers to jump out their comfort zone in a super supportive atmosphere. Advanced photographers on-hand were eager to help out the novices and the instructors were all great. It is also an amazing opportunity to expand your professional network. ClickCon 2020 is happening in Chicago in August. Maybe I will see you there!