Frank and Lex

Covid-19 changed wedding plans for millions of people across the globe. Once vaccinations were finally rolling out, bringing small groups of people together for celebrations like weddings finally became feasible again. Frank and Lex planned their April backyard wedding quickly and pulled off a truly wonderful event. 

First things first…family photos!

Before the ceremony began, there was time to capture some wonderful candid photos of the guests. 

The ceremony was officiated by the father of the groom and was pitch perfect. The readings offered by various family members were equal parts hilarious and emotional. Despite threats of rain and storms, the weather held out. 

The wedding took place very close to Cleveland’s Edgewater Beach, which turned out to be an absolute hotspot of activity on this pleasant April evening. Frank and Lex navigated the crowded parking lot, shoreline and pier for some great images. After hitting the beach, they made sure to take time to walk their (large!) puppy around the block. 

The only thing left to do was cut the cake and dance the night away!