My Photography Philosophy: Capture Authentic Moments

If you take a look at the featured photographers on FStoppers or even glance at your recommendations on Instagram you will be bombarded with luscious, extravagant images in every conceivable genre. When you dig a little deeper into the portfolio of the photographer it quickly becomes a game of, “Exactly how inadequate am I as a photographer?!” Just kidding…but I’m also sort of serious. Nothing humbles you more than remembering there is no limit to how creative and artistic us humans can be.

I rarely intentionally strive for the next “masterpiece” or “viral” image and instead look for ways to be in position to capture moments as they happen during events or ceremonies. I love the thrill of having to be quick on my toes to capture a magical moment that becomes a masterpiece in its own way.

Portraiture is a bit of a different beast as it lends itself to a calmer, slower approach.

What am I talking about?

The photo at the top was taken during a wedding and I had literally a split second to “get the shot.”

The photo at the bottom was taken during a family photo shoot and I was looking for this exact type of moment to capture.

I believe they have a similar “feel” yet both happened in vastly different scenarios. And this is where my “philosophy” comes in:

Capture authentic moments

Maintaining authenticity fulfills me as a photographer and I believe clients will cherish those moments for years to come.