Photographing My First “Wedding”

Wedding photo

Ray and Julie pulled a fast one on everyone – including their own wedding photographer. What was billed as a picnic wedding in May of 2019 was actually a surprise party. The surprise was…Ray and Julie were already married!

Ray and Julie got married in a private ceremony while vacationing in Florida. And here is the kicker: they were married on April 1st.

Fun picnic activities!

That’s right…April 1st! April Fools Day! Surprise!

Julie tipped me off just as I arrived at the picnic location. She told me that she and Ray had married in a private ceremony and they just wanted to have a fun gathering with all their friends and family. That is exactly what happened. There were a lot of laughs, great food and new memories made. The only thing missing from the “wedding” was a wedding!


From a photography perspective, my job became a lot easier instantly. There would be no formal ceremony and my whole day became candids, family photos, group shots and a few “posed” photographs of the married couple.

Everyone had a blast!

The weather could not have been better for the picnic “wedding” and I loved the images that resulted. When everyone is having such a good time it is almost impossible to mess up the photos!