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Now offering wedding photography!

Scott first became enamored with wedding photography when he and his wife hired the photographers that covered their wedding in 2014. The results were stunning. The rapport with the team was wonderful and pleasant from the start.

If you are anything like Scott, being in front of the camera is not your favorite thing. Scott absolutely caters to those couples (or one half of a couple!) that shy away from the camera.

Every wedding photographer has a style and approach all their own. Scott’s style gravitates towards candid and unplanned/unposed. What does that mean? Rather than spending a lot of time coaching couples on posing, Scott will take an “act natural” approach and look for genuine moments to capture. Yes, there will be some traditional-looking photos and the always-important group and family shots will be included. Those are unavoidable – and for good reason. Your wedding day photos will last forever and often times the traditional and family group photos are the ones that end up meaning the most.